Who we are?

The Social Innovators Network was created in March 2020 within the Coronavirus period, following the quarantine and the isolation measures taken by governments to hinder the spread of the contamination, since then the Social Innovators Network supports community-led initiatives providing solutions on the ground with direct impact on communities and on policies to face different crisis.
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We facilitate, connect, advocate, and raise awareness of the role of social innovators in society, in times of crisis.
We are a leading 100% online community led program for social innovation from the global south.
We solve social problems and challenges using co-design and collective intelligence using digital tools.
We harness the power of social impact within our partners and community of practice.


We work on identifying global social challenges: our social world is changing rapidly with the development of new technologies and factual knowledge that's why we always support common research for solutions to these issues.

We design the theme of cycles with community partners : We design our cycles as results of bringing together community partners who believe in creating common solutions from different perspectives.

We focus on common pain points and long term sustainable solutions : We work on identifying social challenges and being specific on what the citizens are struggling with.

We put the end user in the center of interest to impact locally: We believe in bottom-up solutions to drive real change by communities themselves and create authentic agents for impact.

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An online acceleration day

that gathers social innovators with different contributors to feed and challenge their projects. We make sure to match our community of practice with the projects and the presented themes.

A set of training sessions

To consolidate the projects. We strive to solve the challenges our innovators face and level up their needed skills with professionals from different fields.

A digital fair

that connects the social innovators with the potential technical and financial partners, CSR representatives and actors from civil society to ensure the future sustainability of our alumni projects and possibilities for partnerships and funding.